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5 Tips for Glowing, Wedding Skin

Glowing skin is all the rage these days. This makes my creative heart so happy. The days of everything flat and matte are going out the window. Glowing skin will never go out of style, in my opinion.

These aren’t secrets, but I’d love to share some of my secrets to achieving glowing, natural skin.

1. Get your skincare routine in check

If you don’t have a skincare routine (I’m judging you), get one. At minimum, you should be doing a three-step skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. Natural exfoliation occurs from cleansing and moisturizing, but gentle exfoliation from a scrub (not St. Ives, it is WAY too harsh for the face) or mask 1-2 times per week. I love masking depending on what my skin needs - whether it’s exfoliation, hydration, or a good detox. Masking is my favorite.

I don’t suggest changing your skincare routine within three months of your wedding. 

If you are unsure of what products to use, I offer one-on-one sessions. These are strictly up to what you want to discuss - whether it’s makeup or skincare. I also suggest finding an esthetician. They are always worth the investment as well. 

2. Stay hydrated, my friends

Rule of thumb is that you should take your weight, divide it in half, and drink that in ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 150lbs, you should be drinking at least 75oz of water per day. I love this rule, it’s a great way to achieve your daily water intake, but this goes further than just drinking water. Keep on reading for why this is so important.

3. Change your diet

Eating less processed foods as well as less fatty, greasy, or fried foods (ideally, none at all) will make a huge difference in your skin. If you suffer from cystic or hormonal acne, look into eliminating dairy from your diet also. Try incorporating more fish, leafy greens, and fruits with high water content like watermelon and grapefruit. 

4. Get your beauty rest

Getting beauty rest is not just a cute saying. There is so much science behind why getting a full night's rest is key to your well being. While we sleep at night, our skin works its hardest:

  • Our skin renewal rate nearly doubles

  • Collagen production rises which aids in minimizing fine lines

  • Cell damage reverses

  • Melatonin production rises which aids in reducing UV damage. Melatonin is also known for its anti-aging properties

  • More of the human growth hormone is released which aids in strengthening skin

So when I say our skin is working hard while we sleep, I mean our skin is working Kris Jenner hard on the graveyard shift to keep us young forever. Don’t be afraid of an 8 p.m. bedtime.

5. STAY MOISTURIZED (Did you hear me?)

All of my personal social media bios say “just a girl trying to stay moisturized and keep her dog alive” (which is all extremely true). While we sleep (see, I told you) our body temperature rises and we lose about 25% of our moisture so we need to do our part and keep this in check. Moisturizing is so, so important. You should aim for an oil-free moisturizer. Even if you are as dry as the Sahara, following the above steps could potentially reverse that. Hyaluronic Acid is also amazing for locking in moisture. Using that in addition to your moisturizer will leave you with the most plump, supple skin. Also, please don’t forget your neck in any of this.

This may seem geared towards just care of your face, but this truly applies to your entire body. Our face and neck skin are the most delicate (and also show some of the first signs of aging), but taking care of the skin on the rest of your body is equally as important. Follow these simple steps (beyond your wedding) and I promise your skin and your makeup artist will thank you.

If you are interested in a one-on-one lesson, please send an email to


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