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  • Olysse Elkins

Should you get lash extensions for your wedding day?

One of my most frequently asked questions as a bridal makeup artist - “Should I get lash extensions?”

I have lash extensions and I love them! To the point, that I’m slightly addicted and don’t ever want them off of my eyes haha! BUT should you get them for your wedding day? My answer is no. Am I a hypocrite for this? Keep reading to find out why I feel this way.

Let’s start off with what lash extensions are. Lash extensions are individual false lashes that are adhered to your natural lash through isolation. They can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks before needing a fill. A fill replaces the lashes that have fallen off due to your lashes natural shedding process. They are semi-permanent, but I do NOT recommend you removing them on your own. You WILL have bald eyes, without a doubt. If you’ve ever gotten a full set of acrylic nails, the lash extension process is the same theory.

Lash extensions came onto the scene a few years back and have hit the ground running. When properly done, they are a GAME. CHANGER. They can be absolutely beautiful and make you feel like a million bucks with no makeup on. Lash extensions give the appearance of mascara and, in some cases, eyeliner also. They can range from classic and natural to full and voluminous.

I love the appearance of them and how much easier they’ve made my makeup routine. I’m not joking when I say that getting lash extensions cut my makeup routine timing in half. I have never been one to care about leaving the house without makeup, but now I’m even more confident to go without makeup.

Back to my original question - should you get them for your wedding day? While lash extensions are beautiful, they are a makeup artist's worst nightmare. Why? When shadow falls out or the airbrush gun over-sprays, it is a true nightmare to try to get the makeup out of the lashes without messing up the entire look. You are able to wear non-waterproof mascara over your extensions, but I do not recommend that over a fresh set - which is likely what brides have for their wedding day. I’ve seen a lot of lash extensions in my almost five years of being a bridal makeup artist. Some are done beautifully and are relatively easy to work with and some have been done less than ideally.

For me as a bridal makeup artist, there is nothing that beats being able to customize the lash I put on my bride to complete her look. There are so many ways I am able to customize lashes and tailor them exactly to my bride whereas with lash extensions there isn’t much room for customization. False lashes > lash extensions.

So why do I have them? For starters, I wanted to know more about how to work with them on clients. I also wanted to feel better without having to wear makeup. With all of this being said, I very rarely wear eye makeup now that I have them for the exact reasons mentioned above. 1) It’s a true pain in the ass when concealer gets stuck in them and 2) I don’t really feel the need to wear that much eye makeup anymore.

Now, don’t let this scare you. At the end of the day, I’m a professional and I know how to work with lash extensions - especially now that I have them! If you want them for your honeymoon and have a few days or a week between your wedding day and honeymoon, that would be the PERFECT time to get them. Regardless, if you want them because you want them - get them! If you are going to invest in them, research your artist (I can’t stress that enough). Hopefully this helps some of you decide on which route to take.


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