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I want all of you to feel safe and not at-risk while in my chair. I have always done these things, but in today's state of the world I want to make this information public. Here's what you can expect from me and anyone representing Beauty by O:


1. All Beauty by O representatives will be wearing a mask. 

2. All of my brushes are deep cleaned and my kit is sanitized in between jobs.

3. Each client will have a clean set of brushes used during their application. If traditional makeup is applied, I gift the beauty sponge to you at the end in which you can reuse!

4. Disposable applicators are also utilized.


Your safety as well as mine and anyone else who is representing Beauty by O is at the top of the priority list. Fortunately for me, I have always taken sanitation very seriously. 

How COVID-19 has affected my wedding day services:

I wanted to assure you that I have every intention of fulfilling my role at your wedding and that my business and I are prepared. I’m staying updated on the latest information from the CDC, the WHO and local and state authorities; acting responsibly by practicing social distancing and most importantly cleaning and sanitizing until I can't think straight. These guidelines should be adhered to to ensure the safety of all parties involved. If these guidelines are not adhered to, Beauty by O has the right to refuse services due to unsafe work environments. Here's what we expect:


1. A total of four people may occupy a room at one time. This includes two professionals and two clients.

2. A minimum six-foot distance will be maintained between professionals. If this is not possible, only one station (professional & client) will be allowed. Additional rooms may be required to accommodate more stations and/or to allow more space.

3. At the discretion of Beauty by O, we will not be able to offer services to anyone showing any signs of illness. Temperatures may need to be taken. Anything higher than 98.6 will be considered a fever and services may not be rendered for that person.

4. We ask that you are transparent and will proactively advise us of any person(s) receiving services that may have tested positive, presumptive positive, or been in direct contact with anyone with a positive test. Services will be declined for that person(s) and you are welcome to find someone else to take their place in our schedule.

4. Please make sure any and all skin allergies are noted for anyone receiving services.

This is not to discourage anyone from enjoying the magic of getting ready with your favorite people! We want you all to have the best time and we love to celebrate with you (I have great getting-ready playlists)! We just want to ensure that everyone's safety is top priority. Now let's pop the bubbly and get you married!

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