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I'm always getting asked what the "best" makeup to buy is or recommendations on makeup for others to purchase. It's such a hard question to answer without digging deeper into their skincare routine. There is no point in spending money on expensive makeup if you don't have a good skincare routine going. When I worked for Estee Lauder, a girl came in and was complaining about her makeup never staying on and not looking good. The first question I asked was what her skincare routine was like. Her response "I literally never wash my face"... EXCUSE ME WHILE I PICK MY JAW UP OFF THE FLOOR. That was several years ago and I still cringe thinking about it. Please don't spend $40+ on foundation if you don't wash your face.

My skincare routine changes from day to night, from summer to winter, and also when I'm traveling. Right now, since it's blazing balls, I keep my routine super simple. Wash, tone, moisturize. That should always be the bare minimum of your routine then serums and masks are add-ons. My products haven't really changed over the years, but I switch them in and out depending on my mood.

I always start with removing my eye makeup with Clinique's Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips. I love this stuff. Just when you think all your eye makeup is removed... this stuff comes in like '"HOLD MY BEER" and takes the rest off. I put a little on a cotton round, let it sit on my eye for two seconds, then gently rub off my leftover mascara or what have you. This stuff also works amazing at taking false lashes off. Let the product soaked cotton round sit on your eye for about five seconds then take your lash off. Or you can rip it off like a neanderthal like me. Your choice. This is also amazing for removing liquid lipsticks.

My go to face wash is Estee Lauder's Perfectly Clean. This stuff is the bomb. Not only is it a facial cleanser, but you can also use it as a mask. I highly recommend removing your makeup first, but this is a makeup remover also. A common misconception is that all facial cleansers are also makeup removers which isn't true. These are the wipes that I use. They do burn my eyes a little, but they do the job and I can buy them in bulk 🤷🏾‍♀️

After cleansing, I tone. The clarifying lotion I have been using is discontinued, but it's a knockoff for Clinique's. They all do the job, but make sure you're getting the one for your skin type. This is my favorite part of my skincare routine. I love the burn when the alcohol is drying because I know that I just revealed a new layer of skin (which is what you want to do). I use the one for normal/combo skin. This is the most common skin type, but they have it for very dry, very oily, and oily combo as well. I used to have extremely oily skin, but getting my skincare routine down has changed that to more normal/combo - which means I can get oily in my t-zone, but everywhere else is normal. This is why skincare is important!

I don't always apply serums (because, lazy), but some of my favorites are Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid. I use Vitamin C in the AM and Glycolic Acid at night. I'm not as religious as I'd like to be with my serums, but I notice a difference when I am using them routinely. I use these to control my blemishes and dark spots from acne scars. Serums always go on after you tone/clarify and before you moisturize. A good way to remember is that the serums are concentrated and you want them to have the most direct contact with your skin for the maximum benefit. If you put it on after your moisturizer, that's a barrier that it's going to have to break through and it might not penetrate your skin as much as it would applied before the moisturizer. I also love Advanced Night Repair. It locks moisture into your skin and works miracles. I put this over the Glycolic Acid because, again, I want that to have the most direct contact with my skin.

Lastly, moisturizer. I LOVE Estee Lauders Daywear and Nightwear moisturizers. I love me a good system and this one smells like cucumbers. BUT because I don't enjoy spending $50+ on each every 3 months, I switched to coconut oil. Yep, straight coconut oil. Don't listen to anyone that tells you not to put oil on your face. It has honestly been a game changer for me. My skin has gotten clearer, is obviously very well moisturized, and my makeup goes on flawlessly. Do you, boo boo.

I also often use a micellar water. I will do this if I'm REALLY lazy and don't feel like washing my face (oops) or I will use this if I want to make sure I get all of the remaining traces of makeup off before I use my toner. I don't use an eye cream often, but when I do it's this one. It's cooling and feels amazing first thing in the morning. I love to incorporate face masks into my routine several times a week as well as facials as often as I can. I'll do a separate post on my favorite face masks. What are some of your favorite skincare products?


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